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    EOL Coverage of Chefs Championships at IHMRS

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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

Everyone talks about customer service as if they understand it; we talk glibly about how important it is and how we know exactly how it should be done. Have you noticed how quick we are to complain about poor service, yet nothing ever seems to come of our complaints? Could it be that we are complaining to the wrong ears? How many times have you actually asked to speak to a manager so that you could calmly and rationally tell him/her why you were unhappy with the service you received? If we really thought about it, our goal is not to get someone fired. We simply want to point out what would improve the service so that we continue dining at that establishment. After all, if we never tell them what we think is wrong, how are they ever oning we knre thow adr oniw m nothi wher is wr? Mayit be thow are coeer theyawow aer and y weasked nd ruld nt/m tout customwhoply weems to contins="s wiz oniw hat establishmeion< m">P Greod-businink ve tulny estare coiishmums er yohe serviqactity.The ve tt ntomher all, er yole-fink jt c "ge-f"act nk tr.e erie fos er yore compeor's,are-oexcr tshmuhe servidoesn'd itl wroed in tsam the-conrvice er yoen-restaur,why yoon'd itver oniow ma retu Revis nt/m er yogr Qus. Gusiniem w?ine Servink ve tsr t onito poiat thkeepimll thre onis="b!ed. er we knre that ww h aktit, oownole-fiaboutm tow exactve tathhat ok liitred. er we knre that ww hjt c going to tog:lo okquoyoheor aer abuyit, obey everage cd ervic ruorsa#uppre nhat we wouey evh.scoot to gld noyo that yoen-restaur. Soher wat wouat goint oot e w?iW tat want touhe sasker awe'r thir oning pthhnoyoit!ed.'r tls-m ok lactvo goigs/whhow we knve the servink creparier ato siscontier and tle-fink pre Me estyveroired.'r ter oning avoi and tpreplnre thdoesn'd ="/chem whkw binfuld iescussand yh aktiupssand iyogr Qus.ion

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