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Winner of NRA Show® Hot Chef Challenge 2010 to Cook Alongside Chef/Restaurateur Marcus Samuelsson

NRA Show 2919National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show 2010 to feature impressive lineup of international culinary stars

(CHICAGO; May 6, 2010)— Palm Beach, Fla-based Jeremy Hanlon and Food Network’s “Chopped” has been selected the winner of the NRA Show® Hot Chef Challenge 2010, the National Restaurant Association announced today. A feature of of the Association’s annual Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show, this year’s NRA Show Hot Chef Challenge invites professional chefs and home cooks to submit a short video of themselves preparing their favorite recipe using fresh produce and any other ingredients for their chance at culinary stardom. Hanlon’s winning video featured him preparing achiote accented cobia “sous vide” with local oranges, fennel and scallion, served with toasted organic quinoa and fresh basil. “We look forward to watch Jeremy Hanlon collaborate with Marcus Samuelsson to create a nutritious and delicious new menu idea,” said Ira Cohn, Convention Chair for NRA Show 2010 and President of ARAMARK Business and Industry Group. “Hanlon will be one of dozens of celebrity chefs and culinary stars who will perform in the World Culinary Showcase at NRA Show 2010. Their high-energy demonstrations are sure to inspire, as well as offer tips and techniques for innovative new culinary creations.”

Hanlon will receive a trip to NRA Show 2010 (May 22-25 at McCormick Place in Chicago) where he will cook alongside celebrity chef, restaurateur and Bravo TV’s “Top Chef Masters 2” contestant Marcus Samuelsson in the Show’s World Culinary Showcase on Saturday, May 22. He will also receive complimentary overnight accommodations at the Affinia Hotel Chicago, a special dinner with wine pairings at Samuelsson’s C-House restaurant, and have his recipe featured in an upcoming edition of American Airlines' American Way magazine.

Samuelsson, food blogger and freelance writer Louisa Chu, and last year’s NRA Show Hot Chef Challenge winner Kristina Vanni, served as judges of the competition.

The annual National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show is the largest single gathering of restaurant, foodservice and lodging professionals. NRA Show 2010 will be held May 22-25 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The event attracts tens of thousands of attendees and visitors from all 50 states and 100+ countries, and showcases more products, services, innovative ideas and other growth opportunities than any other industry event. For more information, visit the Show Web site at www.restaurant.org/show.

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