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    EOL Coverage of Chefs Championships at IHMRS

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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

Welcome to the original
Escoffier On Line!

Auguste EscoffierEstablished in 1995 Escoffier On Line (EOL) has gone through many changes and looks.  EOL started in 1995 as a dial up Bulletin Board Service, this was before a publically available World Wide Web with HTML existed.  EOL offered Chefs and Culinarian’s access to E-Mail and file sharing by dialing in on a telephone with a modem.  I hope to do a full article on all the versions of EOL in the future.

When HTML was first introduced we were one of the first two online sites for Chefs.  The other website was Culinary-Online started by Chef Gary Holleman.  Chef Holleman was know as “Father of the Culinary Internet”. My friend Gary passed unexpectedly and tragically in 1997, he would have been truly amazed to see how much this medium has grown.

This latest version will focus on articles, various media, forums and employment resources for Chefs and Cooks.  

Escoffier On Line’s success depends on participation from the Culinary Community. If you are a Chef or Culinarian and would like to join the other Contributors to Escoffier On Line contact us.

In the movie  Field of Dreams they said “If you build it they will come”.  Escoffier On Line will build it and many will come, but it’s YOUR participation that will make it happen!

All the Best,