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Randy Caparoso

Wine List Consulting Unlimited

Randy Cararoso Randy Caparoso is a Denver based restaurant wine consultant and journalist who has devoted himself to a career managing, judging, speaking about and even producing wine since 1978. As a restaurant professional, Caparoso is best known as a Founding Partner of the Roy’s restaurant group, opening over twenty-five of these restaurants from Hawaii to New York between 1988 and 2001. As Roy’s former Corporate Wine Director, he was Santé magazine’s first “Wine & Spirits Professional of the Year” (1998), and was twice named Restaurant Wine’s “Wine Marketer of the Year (1993 & 1999).

In recent years, Caparoso has produced three vintages of wines bottled under his name, while consulting for restaurants and retail stores in Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and Virginia. Since 1981 he has bylined biweekly newspaper wine columns (The Honolulu Advertiser) and served as a contributing editor for numerous industry magazines, including Practical Winery & Vineyard, Santé and Sommelier Journal.

Many of his thoughts on food and wine can be gleaned on his home page, Culinary Wine & Food Adventures as well as on Robin Garr’s Wine Lovers Page.

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