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This rrticle exam Win/toMais< repl onkoin no" /> p>We ow/rt MattoMa ofeno" /> as< ofeas<,.firs< =o Bss ano dhl Grap.a,5o 2to Asolo,mrtheblek y5s M />as< to Trhviso.

p>Marostwo casTome Council mempion ortheth Casth hrtheofetha< fair lady. Thew uture fa=her in5law, gn Ve -->him, saiheno duhlion in5s" se ('ats; { y M wa" /to.win5my daugh=er y M mus< firs< win5a/heUss game/to.be patyed in5s" squar ne('#th >awer casth ); uarewinner -->nat.eTeU nat quite inre/nt repaty5lalis5from Fridty5nigh= to Sundty5rtheth le')s rrNortnounced in5s" lo(aredialhtt>eMarosi s heUrria 5rtheholds a heUrry fes p>Bss ano dhl Grap.a,5popul(="It about5 --itmthousrth, was founded as a Roman agriculturalt)ow/as mmre/thoodtwo s"ousrth ytors ago. an's a preity/tome w-th old hous" 5rthesquar s at s" tp://ofeMt>eGrap.a. This mountain5pronownheck; r to and Food('atisrts puaing , ItaW('#II. an51946 s" Prime/Minis=er/ofeand y5awardeheth ckitmr gnItamedal -->i s military valor. This is ampitmmrated ); ry Septemb .

p>TeU ckitmboasat strong99 thoodw14". The Museo dhlla Cermica's (Ceram cs Museum)dinntrhow"ng amllhtt"It -cclucon many piece 5from th S); eenth atheE1gh=eenth Cennury& You caod(Manhp://lo(areceram cs in5many inkps in5th orto. The Museo dhglieAlpini (Alpine Museum)dhonors and FoodAlpine Troops. The Tome Museum distaty orrnhpeologink rtiains, s); ral painw"nn obyewell--Home historink lo(are'atists,mrthedrawing obyeAlbrech= Düre95rtheRtmbrrtht.

p>Bss ano dhl Grap.a is hkes to s); ral historin heManhes inclucing the El); h Cennury Duomo (Ca=hedral) renovated s); ral hundred ytors ate/r, s" T"irteen h Cennury CeManheofeSoodDItkto saiheto.be visited btmbo h St Francis ofeAssisi5rtheSt An hontmofePadua, s" Twelf h Cennury CeManheofeSt>eFrancis,mrthes" FoMateen h Cennury CeManheofeSt>eJohn5th Bat="st restored in5s" E1gh=eenth Cennury&

p>TeU ckit's bhow--Home monuitle is s" Pan W dhglieAlpini (Alpine Br ge) k; r th Ba[hra River. This love y5br ge was desigted in5s" Sixteen h Cennury btmth orchithtt5Andrea Pk adio/to.rep); eo4" ianstructed in5s" T"irteen h Cennury& You may5-Hom thot Pk adio/was saiheto.be s" mos< influennial persIt -c s" histortmofeWes=ert rrchithtture.eRtaN mmre/about5him5rthehis work -c s" compan"It rrticle I Love ToMaing and y5-nt Mt/> p>Asolo,mpopul(="It about5s); nitmfive hundred, is -Home as "TeU Ptorl ofethe5Pronon eof Trhviso",mrtheas "TeU Ckitmofea Hundred Horizots". Asolo is associated w-th s" and Foodverb "Asolort"amean"ng to pass time/in5a/dhl1gh=fuletut mean"nglUss way. Thew amous B iw"shmpoei/Rob t B ome"ng sure y5ag eed w-th dhl1gh=ful,etut nat w-th mean"nglUss; here/in5s" Nineteen h Cennury " wro W Asolondo,mhis las< vol me ofepoeiry& Ot/> w amous w iwers inclucing Elizabeth Barrei B ome"ng, Ernes< Hem"ngway,mrtheHenry James visited -->livehes"is some&

p>Atop s" tome ii s a ianverted monasundergraduates inePadtrno.

p>Trhviso,mpopul(="It about5 jQutmthousrth, has haN a >ang rthebloody histort. an was close to th sitemofeat -mder./nt bateor>ine , ItaW('#Imrthes" sitemofea iancennr(="It camp>ine , ItaW('#II. DMaing that war th medievaltckitmwas heavily daeslid w-th quite a >ass ofelife. an5spitemofeth massive destrutt"It - s henntr is s=ill skess"ing to see. Trhviso is hkes to th amous desigter BmetatIt athehas enough caoals to me iw th nickor" "Liteor>. p>Sw/rt yoMa visit at s" Piazza/dhi Signori (Squar ofeth Gennltitl), s" henntr ofeth medievalttome, w-th s); ral builcings ofeinntrhow inclucing th Twelf h Cennury Pk azzo dhi Trhhenno (Tome Hall). Close btmyou'll ble- s" Pesc" ria (F"shmMarket)5o45at -slond -c s" caoal&

p>Amang s" ceManhes to see is s" L/as Romanesque-Eorly Go hin Twelf h Cennury CeManheofeSoodFranc/?ca (SainweFrancis), used btmNapoleth//lo(areradicchio,mperh$pkoservehe-c risotto& Ot/> wpopul('#lo(aredishes -ccluco bigoli, s"ick hkes+How ipagheitioservehew-th duck>-->sausrge sauce,mrisi5o bisi5(r ceww-th peas), ond pastam agiolie(pastamw-th bean'). Meat ond cnItacuts ar of ee servehew-th p); rada,5o strong sauce +How w-th live95rthespices. Like s); ral ot/> wortos, Trhviso claims2th amous and Fooddn(sert, siram su.

p>Len's sugghow r sampl menu,5o emofemany. St/rt w-th So.a Coada (PigeIt atheBread t Mp). Then 'fylRaviolieai Parcini s RiamttamAffumicatam(Ravioliew-th Parcini Mushroo ortheSmokeheRiamttamCheese). F-->dn(sert -cdulge yoMaselfew-th Focaccia k a Ceccob ppe (Fl(=eBread w-th DriaheFruit). Be sure/to.-ccrtose yoMaedin"ng plep:ure/by/inclucing lo(arew14"s w-th yoMaeanca.

p>We'll iancluco w-th a quick>>aok at th//orto patnted in5grape vi4"s ond f-->i s totare'nnuarew14"5produtt"It. About545%moferose,lleaving 55%mf-->whith. Thewetg"It produt"s 24 DOCew14"s ond 3 DOCGew14"s, Recioto dieSoave, Soave Sup=0imre, ond Bardolino Sup=0imre. DOCere/nds -->Denom"nazio emdieOrig14" Can mollata,>which may5be scss'ate/heas Denom"nat"It ofeCan moll/heOrig14, presum/bltmr h jQ-qualkitmwine ThewG in5DOCGere/nds -->Gara" ita,>tut t/> " is in fact na guara" eeethat such w14"s ore/tru y5sup=0imr. Almos< 30%mofeDOCGedesigta="It.

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Levi Reiss has outhor/healo emor with a co-outhor ee compu=er 'nd Inntrnei/books,>tut to tell s" tru , " woulherear y5ra=her jus< drmpka" tyeFrennh, Ger+Hn,mor ot/> wwi4" /accompan"ed btms" ier O fn Vs. He -Homs what diew"ng is,mrtheis glahes"a< f-->th//time/be"ng h cao eat ond drmpkawhat " wa" s, in modtra="It. He teaches classes -c compu=ers at ao On a0imeFrennh-dir=usli ampin-kit amllhg". div eef="="po'); :aet"a ve; top:0px; left:0px; z--comm: 99;htccss =" IN/Shar " data-urlpecoffier.com/?catid=0&culinary-can Winaw, It-cian Win+Pancind Foo-w14"-rth-fn V-no" /> -vmeta n data-ink zero="falsen data-counter="no_countn data-Itkucces ="jfbn.social.> pkedin.shar O> -vmeta n data-count="no4"O%data-dnt="falsen>Twemp -vmeta n data-ink -face ="falsen data-shar ="true data-lay Mt hre/ndarda data-w ="150a data- on="likea%data-colorsc" />="ligh=a%data-kid-direcwed-site="falsen> divi divi divi div eef="="clear:leftn> divi uleccss ="tage')('ge m styleeccss ="trhvious st aates/re;culinary-can Winaw, It-cian Win+Pa4-fa[nnh-w14"-rth-fn V-a-toMaa ty-loire-var ey-whithut icontrhv"><2Prevt"div ccss ="m : "div ccss ="inner st < div ccss ="m < Social divi divi divist < div ccss ="m pkedin j> pkedShar "ittemplats" /> IN/Shar " data-urlpecoffier.com/?catid=0&-community/the-main-kitchen/videos/TheUnknownCook/153-Homemade+Pancakes+How+to+Make+Cinnamon+Oatmeal+Raisin+Pancakes" /> aates/recoffiertwite99&shar O ccss ="twite99-shar -buttIt" data-urlpecoffier.com/?catid=0&-community/the-main-kitchen/videos/TheUnknownCook/153-Homemade+Pancakes+How+to+Make+Cinnamon+Oatmeal+Raisin+Pancakes" /> divi divi div ccss ="s Manacoas< facebookilike jfbnlikeal
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