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    EOL Coverage of Chefs Championships at IHMRS

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    Preparing Lobster for Competition

A primer on handling Mussels

When purchasing mussels make sure the shells are closed. Some open shells will close when gently tapped. If shells do not close discard those mussels. Mussels should have a slight, fresh seafood odour. Remember, mussels are alive when purchased and should be handled carefully. Ensure that mussels always have access to an adequate supply of oxygen.

Mussels are alive when purchased and should be alive when cooked. When storing mussels, ensure that there are holes in the containers or bags to allow oxygen to flow through to the mussels. Keep mussels in a refrigerator or cool environment until ready to use. Mussels may keep for 2-3 days prior tys p8{versioonted. ussels, enistorrnersdikequoand thp icoa recerag cartainers ,ay kelt facoandpproxagete of2ays p. Frozencookie. ussels, ay kelt fa ses p4 ntaghsf (doperty ofslest Wh(Dnot clee" zlinkvmussels. )

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