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Adventures in Staycating on your Staycation

By Carol Penn-Romine

The trend this summer, with the economy and the dollar growing weaker than Superman in a kryptonite speedo, is toward "staycation." It's a good idea, in theory, but you need to get away from your "stuff," both the literal stuff and the figurative stuff, if you're going to relax and experience something new. And that can take some work-or at least some creative planning.

One way is to sample food that's outside your usual repertoire. New Year's Eve a few years ago found my husband and me resolving to do three things each month: try a new cuisine, see at least one play and take a hike somewhere outside the confines of the city. Of course, resolutions are made to be broken, and while we were unable to carry through with all three components of our resolution for the entire 12 months, we did manage to enjoy some cuisines with which we were unfamiliar.

Some of our discoveries:

  • We found out how cultures can meld when we visited a Chinese Islamic restaurant. While you don't typically find bread on the table in Chinese restaurants, this one featured a gargantuan round of sesame bread that carried us through the meal and over the next few days. I've since heard stories of Chinese Islamic restaurants that serve even larger rounds than the one we got. Apparently, it's a staple of the cuisine.
  • At an Ethiopian restaurant, we discovered the pleasures of eating communally and with our fingers. Our two huge steaming trays, one of vegetarian stews and the other of assorted meats, were served with injera, the famous crepe-like, sourdough-tasting flatbread that functions as both utensil and food.
  • We tried a Persian restaurant to see how the food differed from other Middle Eastern cuisines with which we were familiar. The fesenjan, a pomegranate and walnut sauce that's typically served with duck and chicken, was so good I ate it without the meat on a huge plate of basmati rice and purred like a kitten for the rest of the day. And the tah-deeg, the golden layer of crusty rice remaining at the bottom of the cooking pot, was both yummy and fun, sort of a grown-up rice krispie treat.
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