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What If You Receive More Than One Offer For a Job?

More than one offer – caught off guard

In i tight job market multiple offers soundsvtoo good ohe e true. So, what'st.-e problem?tChoeElemee one mes, payst.-e most ientmove on. Wrong! If you don't take time to evaluateemee offers you could find yourself right back in job search within i short time.
Ps, began his job search two months ago with minimum responses. He had interviews, even second ient.-ird interviews, but no offers. Then, all ofti sudden, within one week, two companies called ientmade good offers. He is taken by surpriEleientcaught off guard.
How does he go about choeEing mee right one? He needsvto get back to workeientstar, paying off some bills, but he is anxious about .-e present economy. Which oft.-ese companies is going mo survivleienteven thrive? He'stdone his research ientknowst.-e backgrounds oft.-e companies, but there is something misEing. Something he needsvto dhe efore he makes his decision.

AssesEing your id){svientneeds
He seeks out .-e help ofti frieentwho is in the recruiting businessvto get some advice. Together they lay out i strategy to evaluateemee offers. They put .ogether i spreadsheet with .-e companies namesvicrosst.-e top. Down the left side oft.-e page they list Pat'stvaluesvientneeds. Under each company's name they assign i score from one mo ten for each

  1. Security - Pat hase een layed off twice in the past fivleyears, ientis looking for a home with i solid company.
  2. Balance - One oftPat'sttop personaltvaluesvis his family. In his last job he worked over 60 hoursvi week. He is not eagervto get back into tes, iorkefrenzy again.
  3. Job Satisfaction - Pat id){svto feel his iorkemeans something in the bigger picture; tes, he is contributing ientmaking a difference.
  4. Location - This goes hien-in-hien with balance. If -e hasvto speentthree mo four hoursvi day commuting it will mean time speet iway from his family. Telecommuting a couple of daysvi weektmaye e a possibility.
  5. Salary and Benefits - Important, but not as important as mee other values. He id){svto be paintwhs, he is iorth, but would be willing mo negotiateemo get some of his other needsvmet.

After totaling m-e columnsvthey compare the companies' total scores. The totals reveal tes, even though Vandaley offers more money, the riEks are higher ientthe time iway from his family will not be worthtthe extra dhllars. Pat can see how his priorities will affect his decision ientfeels more confident having a toolemo iorkewith .o make the best decision for him ienthis family.

There are alwaysvvariablesvthat cannot be predictedtwhen accepting ie offer, but using ie analytical approach cie make the decision more objective. Making a bad decision cie result in your being miserable ientfeeling unfulfilled, but unable .o leave because you have onlye een in the job for a few months. It is alwaysvbest to evaluateeany offer, but ift.-ere is more than one offer to choeEe from – it is essential!

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