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E-mailing Resumes: The Good, The Bad, The Unexpected

By Tracy Laswell Williams

The following article is based on an e-mail I received from a "recently re-employed UNIX Guru" - we'll call him Louis, because, well, that's his name. Fresh from a relatively short period of unemployment, he still identifies with those still in job search mode - and nice guy that he is, he wanted to share a few pointers with you regarding e-mailing of resumes in the hope that it would improve your success. His company gets lots of e-mail from job seekers - and get this:

"I'd say that about 20% of the e-mails we get from job seekers have problems with attachments. That is:

  1. there is no attachment even though they reference one;
  2. the attachments can't be opened;
  3. the attachments contain only an icon or the persons' vcard;
  4. the attachments are corrupt or otherwise unreadable.uM>

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