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Cruise Ship Jobs - Are You Cut Out For It?

Work on cruise ships is often characterized by traveling the world, visiting lots of beautiful and exotic locations, and having the time of your life. And although these things do make up a part of the job, there is another side to the job that you need to be aware of before making the decision to work aboard a ship.

The bottom line is, working on a cruise ship can be tough and demanding and not not everyone has what it takes. Homesickness is often one of the main problems during the first few weeks. Lack of time for yourself, the lack of privacy and the inability to really make a home base for yourself are also potential problems when working on a cruise ship, because of the amount of time you spend at sea.
There is also the actual living at sea to consider. Even large cruise liners can rock a lot when out on the waves, and this can prove quite hard to get used to for some. If you get seasick, it's probably not the job for you! But most people become accustomed to it in no time at all.

Work on cruise ships also involves very different living conditions. You will be living in quite a small cabin, most likely sharing it with someone else, so you won't get much space to yourself. You might get someone who you really get on with, but sharing with someone who you don't like is also a real possibility. Being adaptable and relaxed will help a lot, but it can still be very tough.

Of course, there are also lots of benefits to working aboard a ship. No rent, no clothes washing, no commuting, no cooking. This means that you won't have to waste time on chores, so whatever time off you get you'll be able to spend doing the things you want.

What you really have to do is ask yourself what your motive is for finding work on cruise ships.  If you want to go and see lots of exotic places and get to spend lots of time in each port, then there are a few jobs that you should avoid. There are demanding positions such as cleaners, engineers and cabin stewards that involve a lot of work, and they don't get a lot of time ashore to explore the magical island where you've just docked.

However, if you could find yourself a position in fitness and beauty, photography, the casino, admin or entertainment, it's more likely that you will be able to spend a lot more time ashore exploring the exotic locations during the voyage. These jobs will also be tough, but they probably have a greater chance of getting you time off to explore.

Of course, if your aim is to progress in your career in the hospitality industry, then this should be your main concern. It's great to get to see lots of new places, but when you finish your contract you'll have a wealth of experience to take into a new job back on the land.

So always consider your motive for applying for work on cruise ships, as well as carefully considering whether you are really cut out for it, and your experience will be a lot more productive.


Neil Maxwell-Keys is an ex-crewmember, hiring expert and best-selling author of "Get a Cruise Ship Job!". Claim Neil's popular free e-book TODAY which shows you how to get cruise ship jobs, quickly & easily.  Available at: => http://www.WorkOnCruiseShips.com

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