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Norwegian Culinary TravelNorway Culinary Travel

This is a guide for those unfamiliar with a not so known aspect of Norwegian culture; world-class dining.There are almost as many top-level chefs as there are top-level skiers in this country and a decent number of restaurants that can compare to what you find in Paris, London, Barcelona etc. When travelling the country these are the culinary stops to take!


Oslo rules supreme when it comes to quality dining in Norway. 6 restaurants have a total of 7 stars in the Michelin Guide. Unfortunately the one two-star restaurant, Bagatelle, was abandoned by its founder and chef in 2010. However, a quick trip will not suffice to enjoy all the gourmet highlights in Norway! 

1.Restaurant Oscarsgate Pilestredet 63,  Oslo

A small setting for a grand meal. Oscarsgate keeps a small menu and a short wine-list. Whats isn't small here is the bill at the end of the evening, but the high-class gourmet food is absolutely worth it!

2.Haga Restaurant, Griniveien 315, Oslo.  Genuine French cuisine served in the outskirts of Oslo. Also known for its excellent (French) wine list. Haga is one of the most consistent restaurants in Oslo.

3.Arakataka, Mariboesgate 7 ,Oslo

This Mediterranean style restaurant has had a reputation for two things; the place to get your money's worth, but also rather variable service. These days only the first part holds true. The place is a relaxed, budget-friendly restaurant with a brilliant kitchen - Mediterranean style.


This city is normally a "transit-zone" for visitors arriving at the "Oslo Torp" airport. But, the Solvold restaurant is worth a short detour to Sandefjord before taking the train to Oslo.

 Solvold, Thor Dahls gt. 9, Sandefjord

 The chef Odd Ivar Solvold is one of Norway's "Bocuse D'Or" medal winners and has ensured his restaurant meets the highest standards for more than 12 years. Especially excellent fish.


Head for the mountains (Jotunheimen) to experience the most traditional of traditional Norwegian food! This is the "realm" of famous chef Arne Brimi where he has created a culinary based experience center.

 Vianvang, Brimi Fjellstugu, N-2680 Vaagaa

This is not so much a restaurant as a gourmet nature resort and culture center. One can book cooking courses, rooms as well as various nature activities. Central to the experience, though is chef Brimi's vision of presenting and developing the tradition of Norwegian food.


 Trondheim is a charming city in the middle of the country, known for its Viking roots and the magnificent gothic cathedral, Nidarosdomen. Trondheim is a cutural city in many ways; theatre, concerts, sports and dining here is more interesting than ever before!

1.Havfruen fiskerestaurant i Trondheim , Kjoepmannsgata 7, Trondheim

This is the place to go for excellent seafood in Trondheim. The season based menu offers the best of marine produce available. Traditional dishes served with imagination. The setting by the Nidelven River in a traditional local adds to the flavors of the meal!

2. Credo, Oerjaveita 4, Trondheim. Credo's (usually) five-course menu has to be one of the best value-for-money deals in Norway! Innovative food prepared with care at a (for Norway) very reasonable price served in unpretentious surroundings.


The north is not the "culinary wasteland" it used to be. In the past you had to be on good terms with the local fishermen and hunters to get a decent meal in northern Norway! This is, thankfully, not the case anymore, and in places like Bodø, Harstad and the Lofoten Islands there are quality restaurant to be found. The "capital" of the north, however, is Tromsø.

De 4 Roser, Groennegata 38, Tromsoe

French-Italian warmth in the arctic north. The concept is to take advantage of local produce (world-class seafood, for instance) and prepare it in a Mediterranean manner, and the concept works! Very inviting and pleasant interior.

This concludes our culinary journey in Norway, from south (Oslo) to north (Tromsoe). There could easily have been four-five times as many restaurants included in this guide, but half the fun of taking a journey like this is to discover, isn't it?
Written by Vibelingo - culinary nomad and freelance writer. Recommending: http://www.havfruen.no/ and http://aperitif.no/