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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winners

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winning Chocolate Sculpture

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Judges Meeting

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Winning Mini Pastry Display

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Finalists at Medal Ceremony

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Mini Pastry Display

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Judges with Winning Entry

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    2017 US Pastry Championships- Mini Pasteries

Mushrooms - Get The Best Out Of Them

Once upon a time, it was possible to take a sunday morning stroll and find enough edible mushrooms for your breakfast lunch and dinner. Sadly, these days it is hard to find enough to take home with you and cook. Luckily, there are now many varieties of mushrooms to be found on the supermarket shelves that are available throughout the year and can be used in various dishes.

Mushroom Risotto
Fry 2 oz of chopped streaky bacon in a frying pan with 1 chopped onion, 1 oz of butter and 1 tablespoon of olive oil until the onion is a golden colour and the bacon has began to brown. Add 12 oz of risotto rice and make sure to stir it well. Prepare 2 pints of hot vegetable stock and add a ladleful at a time to the rice, making sure that the rice has absorbed the stock before adding the next ladleful, whilst continually stirring. Carry on adding the stock until it is used up, which will take about 20 minutes.
Add to the pan 6 oz of sliced mushrooms and allow to cook until the rice and mushrooms are soft. Add another 1 oz of butter to the pan and use salt and pepper to season to your taste. This can then be served with chopped parsley and should feed three to four people.

Mushrooms in Garlic Butter
Use a frying pan to melt 1 oz of butter and add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Also add 2 chopped garlic cloves and cook the concoction slowly until it is soft. Then add 14 oz of sliced chestnut mushrooms and stir well until the oil is absorbed and they have softened.
Add 2 tablespoons of freshly chopped parsley and continue cooking for a couple of minutes. Season the dish to your taste with salt and pepper and serve with fresh crusty bread. This should feed two people.

Baked Mushrooms

Heat the oven up first to 200c/400f/gas mark 6. Wipe 4 large flat mushrooms and cut out their stalks. Put the mushrooms into a baking dish and add 2 chopped garlic cloves and a tablespoon of finely chopped thyme.
Add in 4 tablespoons of melted butter and the juice of a squeezed lemon. Drizzle over 2 tablespoons of olive oil and bake in the oven for around 20 minutes, basting occasionally. These can be served with rice to make a vegetarian dish for supper, or with grilled meats. This should be enough to feed two people.

Mushrooms in Red Wine
Heat up 1 oz of butter in a frying pan, then add 4 finely chopped shallots and 2 chopped garlic cloves. Cook for a couple of minutes until the shallots have softened. Add 3 and a half oz of whole shiitake mushrooms and the same weight of small chestnut mushrooms to the pan, stirring well.
Add in 6 fl oz of beef or vegetable stock and 6 fl oz of red wine and allow to simmer until the sauce has reduced by half and the mushrooms have softened. This can then be served immediately,and should feed upto four people.

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