Food Trucks BlogPart Two-  “Mobile Food Vendors with Deep Pockets”

First in my opinion don’t even consider doing a Food Truck in NYC as a “Street  Vendor”, defined as someone vending on the public streets of NYC.  There are just too many issues- no permits legally available, a vicious bureaucracy looking to fine you and a myriad of other obstacles.

However I’m not saying not to do a Food Truck in NYC.  There are several other ways to do it without going to the public streets.  To do this you need what is called ‘The Restricted Area MFV unit permit”

This type of permit “authorizes vending on private property in a commercially zoned area or on property under the jurisdiction of the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation; it does not authorize street vending. This permit does not require a waiting list.”

The NYC P&D Department permits are sold by auction and give you a two year permit to use a specific location.  The price and value of these locations vary widely, and yes there are locations currently available. Perhaps the current most famous one is in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where- “Cake & Shake will pay the city $108,000 a year for the museum spot, going up 10% each year.”  That’s a LOT of Cupcakes.  Locations that are cheep or are available are probably in locations that might jeopardize you health just walking around let alone sell anything, that’s an exaggeration, NYC is safer now than it has been in 40 years but you get the gist.

In the next edition I will give a couple of other possible alternative and what I really think is the best opportunity!