Long Island Food TrucksGeorge Starts a Food Truck

I’ve decided to get back into the trenches.  I really don’t want to work for someone and want my own food business.  I don’t have the capital to open a brick and mortar business like a restaurant or deli but I still want to do food.  I’ve decided to start a “Mobile Food Truck”.

This whole segment has been going nuts for years on the left coast and is really starting to get legs here on the right coast, especially in NYC.  I’m in Nassau County just outside of the Apple and the only thing you see out here are hot dog wagons.  I don’t want a hot dog wagon.  I have nothing against them, in fact when I was weighing my options after I decided to leave EMS in NYC a dog wagon was one of my top three choices.  I am so happy I chose to go to the CIA in Hyde Park instead, best 2 year vacation I have ever had.


I have a lot of experience doing catering, on and off premises, have been a Chef/Manager for an off premises catering business and even done street fairs in NYC.  I also have a large local following from when I did weekly BBQ’s at a local marina.  We did 120 to 160 covers under a tent with a grill, coolers and some chafers and the town loved it.

The food is the easy part.  The royal PITA is dealing with the system here in NC NY.  You have to get a permit to brush your teeth around here and if you try to do anything on the slide you will get caught if you are lucky, and sued and loose your house if your not.  I’m doing this thing by the book, period.

My first step is to write a business plan and do a lot of research to flush it out.   So far I have touched base with the local town and the County Health Department.  Getting the permits from the town will be pretty easy (at least it appears that way, we’ll see) but the real hurdle is getting legal through the Health Department.  I have a name and number to call this morning to get the scoop on what they require.  Should be interesting.  (note: called and left a message and they have not called back yet.)

That’s about it for this installment.  I’ll update later on the call to the HD.

Have you done and mobile food or a food truck or are you considering it?  Post a comment and let me know your experiences.