Norwegian Culinary TravelNorway Culinary Travel

This is a guide for those unfamiliar with a not so known aspect of Norwegian culture; world-class dining.There are almost as many top-level chefs as there are top-level skiers in this country and a decent number of restaurants that can compare to what you find in Paris, London, Barcelona etc. When travelling the country these are the culinary stops to take!


Oslo rules supreme when it comes to quality dining in Norway. 6 restaurants have a total of 7 stars in the Michelin Guide. Unfortunately the one two-star restaurant, Bagatelle, was abandoned by its founder and chef in 2010. However, a quick trip will not suffice to enjoy all the gourmet highlights in Norway! 

I Love Italian Travel - Veneto Wine Touring

Veneto Wine TouringWine tours of Italy. We will examine each of Italy's twenty wine-producing regions and present specific suggestions for wine touring. We name travel agencies that sell wine tours of that region. Even better, we name wineries that offer tours and sometimes agrotourism, the Italian version of a rural bed and breakfast. Read these articles and you may save piles of money, money that you can invest in Italian vacations, Italian wine vacations.

I Love Italian Travel - May Attractions Of Central Italy, Part I

TuscanySo you are planning to spend your May holidays in Tuscany or elsewhere in central Italy. Don't worry; there are lots and lots of special spring events that simply aren't available in the good old summertime. Here are some of them. Get rolling; May is almost upon us. We start our virtual tour in Tuscany on the western Tyrrhenian Sea coast and then proceed clockwise  to The Marches on the Adriatic Sea. There are so many things to see and do in central Italy in May that this is the first of three articles.

Vacationing In Paris - Finding the Best Neighborhood For Your Stay

Paris FranceIf you are planning a trip to Paris, you will find an overwhelming number of luxury hotels, inns, hostels and even private apartments available for rental in almost every neighborhood. The most important factor to consider is the location. The perfect location will depend on individual preferences. Visitors will often hear the terms "Left Bank" and "Right Bank" regarding Paris neighborhoods, referring to the southern and northern sides of the Seine River, respectively.  Here are some districts (or arrondissements) to consider for your stay.

Things to do While in Florence, Italy

Cattedrale de Santa Maria del FioreFlorence is one of the most exciting cities in Italy with plenty to do for everyone from museums and art galleries to shopping and eating. This article will highlight some of the most interesting Florence Italy tourism spots.

Easily the most visited square in Florence is the Piazza della Signoria which is an open-air sculpture exhibit. The Loggia della Signoria is home to famous statues such as a copy of Michelangelo's David and the Fountain of Neptune. This square is in the historic center of Florence and is one of the highlights of the city.