Funny Chocolate

It has been said that all I ever think about is chocolate. I don't know why anyone would say such a thing. Here are just 'some' of the many thoughts I've had lately. I wrote them down so that I didn't have to think about them anymore. But the thing is; as I began writing, a few more thoughts came to mind, and they just happened to be about chocolate. Funny that! Well here they are, my random thoughts and quotations. They're not in any particular order (that's just the way my chocolate, frazzled brain, works):

In the beginning, there was the word...and the word was Xocalati

There are three important things in life: Love, chocolate, remembering to buy chocolate.

Last week, I saw a swimming pool full of chocolate liquor; and as usual, I had to go and put my foot in it... (well actually, it was both feet).

A Monday Night In Buffalo
By: Chef Joe George

When I stepped out of the car my foot went directly into an ankle-deep puddle of slush; a cross between rain and melting snow pelted my face. It was 9:15 on a cold November evening in Buffalo. I'm not sure why we chose this particular bar to stop into, probably for beer, sure, but also to see if a friend of ours was working that night. We went in through the nondescript door off the parking lot in the back, if you weren't familiar with it there was no way of telling it was an entrance--there was no sign or marking of any sort.

Chef's Tales
Chef's Tales
by Chef Michael Saxon

Preface from Chef Saxon- " I was conducting a pre-opening of a 1200 room hotel in Hong Kong and was asked out to dinner by my team and this is what happened."

I interviewed all the staff for my area, made my choices, and told them we would call them closer to the date. The principal assistant I had chosen, Tan, was a great guy, and he suggested that since it was now winter in Hong Kong, I might like to go with him to a game restaurant to explore possible menu ideas. Not really knowing what he was talking about. I went along anyway because I was keen to try as many new things as possible. We arrived at the appointed restaurant, which was located down a back street, or more rather some dark alley, such that you would never be able to find it a second time even if you wanted to.