Information on why and how to Green your restaurant or foodservice business.

Why Plastic Packaging Is Good For The Environment

PlasticwareIt may seem to be a bit counterintuitive, but plastic packaging is actually quite beneficial to the environment. Although many packaging suppliers initially loved the material for its low cost, many more are turning to plastics for the ease of recycling it. Reusing plastics can help reduce the amount of waste that is generated on the planet, which helps the environment enormously.

Plastics Recycling: It's A Good Thing -

Plastics are frequently recycled in Australia, which is why using them in packaging makes so much sense. In fact, the rate of plastics recycling in Australia rose from 7.0% to 12.4% from 1997 to 2003. The overall plastic packaging recycling rate in the country hovers right around twenty percent. This is a very sizable chunk, since every piece of plastic that gets recycled stays out of the landfill - and doesn't pollute the planet.

Recycle Paper and CardboardBenefits Of Recycling Paper And Cardboard In Packaging

It is all too easy to assume that food packaging suppliers create a ton of the waste that goes into Australian landfills each year. However, the industry relies heavily on paper and cardboard, which are both recycled at very appreciable degrees.

Paper And Cardboard Use In Australia -
In order to get a feel for how important packaging materials are in the lives of average, everyday Australians, it is smart to begin by learning how much paper and cardboard are used each year. As a data point, between the years 2002 and 2003 Australians used approximately 4 million tonnes of the materials. Incredibly, that number is a 10.2% increase over the previous year which reflects the steady rise in popularity of these materials.

Green Restaurant  GroupGoing Green in the Foodservice Industry

Going green is the biggest issue on everybody’s mind, including the food service industry! With Americans spending their money on food from restaurants, it’s good to know the facts about where you’re eating.

One restaurant can produce nearly 100,000 pounds of garbage a year. The upside to this is that 95% of it is either recyclable or compostable. There are many ways for people to change their habits to go green! Restaurants use some of the largest amounts of electric energy compared to office and retail jobs. One piece of kitchen machinery uses up an amount of energy equivalent to that of a household! Thirteen percent of a restaurants energy usage is solely from lighting.