How To Make Amazing Things Grain Free

Grain FreeNothing beats pizza for versatility and taste. Pizza is a wonderful meal to plan ahead, or to have last minute. Quite a few individuals nowadays have varied dietary restrictions, gluten being one of the most common. Many people are cutting grains out of their diet, so it is imperative to have on hand a few options besides the standard pizza recipe.

Even for those who eat grains, including new options in your diet will bring you a greater variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Some of these options are fun, as one begins to experiment and realize that there are many new ways to adapt an old recipe. Here are some ideas for grain free pizza crusts that will have your mouth watering, and keep you coming back for another slice.


Cauliflower has recently become very popular for the variety of things you can substitute it for. From rice to cheese, people are using cauliflower to indulge in a healthy variation of many of their favorite foods. To make a cauliflower pizza crust, grind up the cauliflower and then mix it with eggs and cheese. You can add a variety of toppings. This is sure to please any crowd, and fill any craving.

Coconut Flour

An alternative that many would consider unlikely, coconut flour makes an excellent substitute for regular flour. With coconut milk, eggs, and a few spices, you can easily make a crust that rivals any traditional pizza. This crust is also dairy free, so those who have excluded dairy for any reason can easily use a cheese substitute on top, and add a heaping of their favorite vegetables for a delicious meal.